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Intuition Einstein Psychic

Intuitive Arts

Get a reading or learn to develop your own intuitive skills. Call or click to schedule below for individual appointments or check the "Calendar & Sign Up" page for current group development workshops.


READINGS - Psychic, Rochester, NY area

Clairvoyant (clear vision), Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairsentient (clear sensation or feeling), Clairscent (clear smelling), Clairtangent (clear touching - or psychometry - to handle an object and perceive through one's hands), Clairempathic (clear emotion), Mental Medium (one who perceives the spirit through their mind using the "Clairs").

May utilize tools to gain focus such as tarot, dowsing rods, psychometry, or pendulum.



Do you ever just "KNOW"?  Do you pick up the phone to call someone and the phone rings - and it is that person?  Do you sometimes "smell" a perfume of someone you know and then they appear in your life or call you out of the blue?  Do you have instincts or gut feelings that are RIGHT ON?  Do you feel a presence around you, but not sure what to do next?

Want to sharpen those skills or understand them better? Individual instruction by appointment.  Group development workshops are fun and interactive too!

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